4 New Deaths Were Just Reported in Lebanon, Total of 16

COVID-19 Lebanon

The Ministry of Public Health announced that 4 patients have passed away during the past 24 hours due to COVID-19 complications. The new deaths were confirmed in the daily COVID-19 report released by the ministry on April 2nd.

The report gave no details about the new fatalities. However, considering the number of critical cases has dropped from 7 to 3, the patients who passed away seem to have been among the severe cases.

Notably, 2 of these 4 deaths were reported by Rafik Hariri University Hospital yesterday, April 1st, and the hospital said they both had chronic illnesses and were indeed in critical condition.

After today’s update, the total number of deaths in Lebanon has risen to 16. According to the Ministry of Public Health, the active cases, as of Thursday, are 435.

As Lebanon prepares to evacuate expatriates stuck in other countries, a video of a Lebanese student in France has gone viral on social media. The student had contracted the virus and decided to send a message to his people from his hospital bed.

His message, though simpler, is not dissimilar to what the authorities have been attempting to deliver to the Lebanese public every day since the pandemic reached Lebanon.

The disease is not a joke, and preventive measures and self-quarantine should be the highest priority for everyone in the country at this stage.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed 15 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total cases to 494.

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