Watch Amal Partisans In Germany Chant “Berlin Has Become Chiyah” Outside Polling Station (Video)


On Sunday, amid the opening of the polling stations across Europe, partisans of the Amal Movement in Germany turned out to vote, wearing the green color of their party and making a scene the like we see in Lebanon during partisan demonstrations and protests.

During a live broadcast, they gathered and started chanting passionately for their leader, the speaker of the parliament Nabih Berri who has been in his position since 1992 and is again running in this election.

“Oh Nabih be at ease, Berlin has become Chiyyah,” the partisans chanted, referring to one of Berri’s strongholds in Beirut, which is also a Hezbollah’s stronghold.

In their chant, they proclaimed turning Berlin into Chiyyah, which triggered angry reactions from voters on the ground.

It is to note that, despite that vigorous show-off of loyalty to their leader, the Amal partisans are among those who had to emigrate due to the long-standing economic crisis caused by the ruling body’s negligence and misgovernance.

Berlin has been home to many Lebanese partisans of the Amal Movement who appear to deem that the reelection of the same ruling officials is a must.

Reactions to that scene in Berlin did not stop at the polling center.

With the video circulating on social media, a wave of sarcastic outrage evolved on social media.

Some in Lebanon commented that Nabih Berri is part of the traditional Lebanese politics “born” from the Lebanese 15-years civil war and that he is as responsible for the country’s collapse as the other ruling politicians.

Some even responded on Twitter, pointing to the irony around the partisans’ proclamation, considering that they had to flee the country and emigrate because of the ongoing disaster.

In Berlin, a Lebanese woman stood up to them, calling them off for proclaiming wanting to make Berlin a Chiyyah.

One of the Amal partisans responded by accusing her of being pro-Samir Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces party and one of Nabih Berri’s main opponents in this election.

Here is the video:

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