An AUB Student’s Moving And Inspiring Graduation Speech Is Going Viral (Video)


The determination of the Lebanese youth and their persistence to achieve against all odds is a source of inspiration and also of hope for this country.

Elie El Khawand, a graduate of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB), is a striking example of that. He brought the audience in awe at his graduation with his speech that is now going viral, making the Lebanese proud.

El Khawand gave an amazing speech during graduation, reflecting on the hardship he and his parents had to go through for him to pursue his education.

In his moving speech, Elie told the story of his parents who had him after 11 years of marriage, reflecting on how his mother, who was a housekeeper, used to carry him with her wherever she went to work.

“This child,” he said about himself, “is graduating today.”

El Khawand reflected on how he was lucky to get a free education, as his father worked as a janitor at a prestigious school, and how, with hard work, Khawand could graduate from one of Lebanon’s top universities.

He also described how he enrolled at the AUB with an unclear payment plan, and how he worked as a part-time student-teacher only to be where he is now.

The inspiring speech was shared by many people, who deemed Elie El Khawand as a true inspiration among the Lebanese youth.

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