7 Coffee Shops You Should Visit In Beirut If You’re A True Book Lover

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If you are a true book lover, you know that there’s so much more to a book than just reading it. You know that every new book you read takes you on a new journey, grants you new perspectives, and brings you new dreams.

And more so, it grants you that now precious gift of escaping the mental noise of politics and issues around you.

And there is no reason to stay home to enjoy that along with the thrill of reading. All you need is a good book, a cup of coffee, and a positive and serene environment.

So here are some good coffee shops in Beirut where you can do just that.

Happy Book Lovers Day!

#1 Beyt Café

Beyt Café is a lovely and very welcoming coffee shop in the heart of Mar Mikhael. In addition to its cultural environment and splendid traditional architecture, it’s a great place to grab a cup of coffee and a book and relax while enjoying its indoor and outdoor beauty.

It’s also a place for work and small gatherings and offers good Lebanese homemade breakfast, desserts, and fresh orange juice.

#2 B.hive

B.hive is one of the most popular coffee shops in Hamra, known for being a great place to read and also to work and gather in a tranquil ambiance. In a crowded location like Hamra, this place represents a peaceful and relaxing oasis.

#3 Gold Monks

Gold Monks in Mar Mikhael serves delicious coffee and specialty tea that you can enjoy while reading your book in a quiet environment. It is also sought for small business meetings and people who want a quiet corner to work.

#4 Aaliya’s Books

This bookshop that sells new and second-hand English books in Gemmayze offers a coffee area, a bar, and an outdoor setting. Whether you opt for its indoor or outdoor space, Aaliya’s Books is a great place to enjoy reading while having a coffee or a drink.

A plus: This bookshop is dog-friendly!

#5 Urbanista

Located in Gemmayze, Urbanista coffee shop is a good charming place to read and work in a tranquil environment. It also serves coffee, fresh juices, and food, and has a charming outdoor setting.

#6 Kalei

Serving good food, desserts, drinks, and coffee, this home coffee shop in Mar Mikhael has a stunning eco-friendly outdoor space and also an amazing indoor space. It’s a great place to read, work, and enjoy some quiet time.

A plus: It’s a pet-friendly place so you won’t have to keep your pet at home!


Located in Beirut Souks, Grid overlooks the souks and is fused with Librairie Antoine, which makes it the perfect reading spot.

They serve delicious brews that will complete your reading session and has a very cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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7 Coffee Shops You Should Visit In Beirut If You're A True Book Lover

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