Beirut Port Silos Hashtag Trending For The Second Week On Twitter

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For the past week or so, Lebanon has been remembering the lives of those who were killed by the Beirut Blast.

In the middle of that, the silos at Beirut port had other plans. On August 4th, part of the silos collapsed leaving yet another unexplained and neglected site.

For the second week now, #الاهراءات or Beirut Port Silos hashtag trended on Twitter.

The topic mainly focused on the collapse of the Silos and a set of mixed reactions alongside.

Twitter user @areej_AAH conveyed a point of view that could be taken contradicting what most of the people in Lebanon think.

“I don’t see anything poetic in the Silos’ collapse on August 4th.
I only see murderers and their crimes. They blew up the port two years ago. This year they let the Silos burn or supposedly lit it up on fire so it would fall.. and they could keep their [secret] businesses going.
The gradual collapse scene of the Silos is painful.. and terrifying at the same time.”

This tweet by Nataly N Nasr sums up a Lebanese perspective questioning the “coincidence” of the collapse of part of the Silos on the 2nd anniversary of the Beirut Blast.

“August 4th, 2020 – August 4th, 2022, a coincidence?…” she commented.

A similar point was tweeted by Taleen El Gharib, pointing to the hour and date:

Tweets accusing the authorities were many, here’s one of them:

Translated: “On August 4, 2020, they committed the crime, and on August 4, 2022, they demolished the only witness to the truth!”

Twitter user Khalid Saleh expressed the sorrow and the pain he associates with the Beirut Blast and the Silos collapse.

“August 4th’s tragedy will remain a scar in the heart of every genuine #Lebanese whether the Silos stay put or not,
Hiroshima was absolutely demolished, the world didn’t forget that #tragedy but [rather] it was revived out of the wreckage and it shined and became full of life again,
We rebuilt Beirut to say that we are stronger than the #war
and we will rebuild the #port because it is the #core.


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