Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer Statue Lights Up with Countries Hit by Coronavirus


Brazil, which has been also affected by the coronavirus pandemic, takes a stand of solidarity with the affected countries.

In a powerful message of unity and faith, it has illuminated its most famous landmark, the statue of Christ The Redeemer, with the flags of the 150 countries that are currently enduring from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A ceremonial mass for the sick in the world, conducted by the archbishop of Rio de Janeiro Dom Orani Tempesta, preceded the illumination of Christ The Redeemer.

Calling for the world to unite in prayers, the hashtag #praytogether in all languages can be now seen projected on the impressive statue, followed by the world continents one by one, and then the flags of the countries hit by the pandemic.

The majestic statue, which represents divine salvation for Christians around the world, stands 30 meters tall and 28 meters wide, overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro from the top of Mount Corcovado in the Tijuca Forest National Park.

The impressive figure is a combined work of several famous artists from different parts of the world, created between 1922 and 1931:

French sculptor Paul Landowski, Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, French engineer Albert Caquot, and Romanian Sculptor Gheorghe Leonida.

It is a site of religious pilgrimage and also for tourists from all over the world who seek it to marvel at its magnificence. In fact, Christ The Redeemer is one of the most sought after iconic attractions in Rio de Janeiro, if not in all South America.

Currently, the site has been closed to the usual daily visits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, illuminated as it is now with that powerful message of world prayer unity, Christ The Redeemer continues to shed its light of hope and love to the city, and Brazil’s solidarity with the world.

Brazil hasn’t been spared by the COVID-19. Both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have declared states of emergency. As of March 25th (00:29 GMT), Brazil counts 2,247 coronavirus cases, 46 deaths, and only 2 recovered.

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