Breaking: 1 New Coronavirus Case in Lebanon, Total of 78

1 new coronavirus case was confirmed in Lebanon on March 13th
Reuters / Mohammad Azakir

Rafik Hariri University Hospital just released its daily COVID-19 report, confirming 6 new cases in the past 24 hours, which brings the total to 78 coronavirus infections in Lebanon.

On Friday, March 13th, Hariri Hospital revealed that 220 cases were received in the emergency department specialized for suspected cases of COVID-19.

The hospital’s medical team isolated 22 suspicious cases while the rest were instructed to undergo self-isolation at home.

Moreover, 202 laboratory tests were done in the past 24 hours; the results were 196 negative and 6 positive.

“Five of [the positive cases] had previously undergone tests in other laboratories and were included in the Ministry of Health’s morning statement,” the report noted.

Also during the past 24 hours, 20 patients were released from quarantine after they tested negative for the coronavirus. This leaves 9 individuals in Rafik Hariri University Hospital’s isolation unit as of March 13th.

Out of the total 78 cases in Lebanon, 45 are present at Hariri Hospital. The rest are quarantined in other hospitals in the country. Additionally, only 2 of the cases in the hospital are considered critical while the conditions of the rest are stable.

Earlier this day, the Ministry of Public Health released its daily coronavirus report, announcing the total number of cases to be 77, including one patient who is an employee at the Ministry of Public Health.

Minister Hamad Hasan recently said that the Lebanese government “might declare a state of health or civil emergency” soon.

To date, the Lebanese Red Cross has transported a total of 120 cases related to COVID-19.

Correction: The total number of coronavirus cases in Lebanon was 78 at the time of writing – (March 14th, 2020 at 7:00 PM): We initially reported that the total number of cases in Lebanon was 79. Upon being presented with new information, we reflected this in the corrections.

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