18 Breathtaking Photos Of Lebanon’s Mountains

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People who don’t know Lebanon might assume it is an expanse of desert land because it is in the MENA region. They are, oh, so wrong.

Lebanon is said to have gotten its name from its mountains. The Semitic root “lbn” (meaning ‘white’) is actually in reference to the snow-covered mountains of Mount Lebanon.

Lebanon is boarded by the Mediterranean sea at the west and by the Anti-Lebanon mountain range at the east, which acts as a natural border from neighboring Syria.

In the middle, Mount Lebanon basically extends from north to south of the country, parallel to the coastline.

Snow-capped, vibrant, and beautiful: “LBN”

Bits of snow can still be seen covering the peaks of Mount Hermon even after winter passes.

Mount Hermon is the highest peak of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range.

They can be seen in layers, like a real-life painting – worthy of being a Window’s desktop image.

They have unique features, like these adorable mini-lakes.

And they make you feel so small

The high hills of the mountains meet the clouds…

and sometimes they meet the sea…

They can even resemble the Arizona Desert

Residents of mountain villages are pretty lucky

Their sunsets are stunning…

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