Cannabis Caught Inside Almonds At A Prison In Lebanon

Kon Mowaten l AFP Photo/Ramzi Haidar

After the cannabis caught inside wrapped chocolate bars at Beirut airport comes now the Hashish inside almonds.

According to the Internal Security Forces (ISF), while inspecting visitors coming to the Amioun prison, police officers caught a man, A. H. (born in 1982, Lebanese), trying to deliver cannabis to two prisoners, Y. K. and A. H.

The smuggling attempt was done “accurately and professionally”, ISF said, but the police members were able to intercept it.

A.H. wrapped a quantity of Hashish in nylon and hid them inside green almonds as shown in the picture below:

The smuggler has been arrested, and further investigation is ongoing.

This isn’t the first incident of a smuggling attempt into the Amioun prison using food as a cover.

Earlier in May, the authorities caught a bunch of potatoes filled with drugs that a mother was trying to sneak in for her son.

She denied knowing, claiming his friend, a previous inmate, gave her the potatoes as a gift for her son, an addict himself. The authorities counted 165 pills of two different drugs.

We got to say, creativity doesn’t lack around.

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