Check Out This Colored Video Of Lebanon In 1969!

Have you ever wondered what Lebanon looked like in the 60s? Other than watching documentaries in motion pictures and looking at our family’s photo album, we have rarely seen a video of old Lebanon, at least in color!


Lebanon in 1969: IN MOTION!

By gathering many shots and coloring them, British Pathé, a newsreel archive,  has created a 2-minute and 19-second video about Lebanon in 1969.

The video shows us what Lebanon looked like at that time. It also provides us with a perfect summary of the situation in Lebanon. It starts by introducing the historical and political context of Lebanon.

Then, it highlights what Lebanese people are proud of: the role of Lebanon as the trading house of the Middle East, the flourishing tourism sector, and the party culture!


Don’t hesitate to show this video to your parents and grandparents; it will certainly put a smile on their face!


This is not the only video about Lebanon that British Pathé has created. There are other videos about Lebanon as well, some of them are the following:

British Pathé is a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance. It has a huge collection of footages of major events, famous faces, fashion trends, travel, science and culture from around the globe.


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