Fact Check: No, Almaza Is Not Shutting Down


News circulated on Friday about the potential closure of a Lebanese icon, Lebanon’s first-ever beer brand, Almaza Beer. Naturally, it caused a stir…and brewed some panic?

But what’s the deal with that?

Claim: Media outlets on Friday cited a local news report claiming that Almaza might close down in 2 months. The report stated that the company was “assessing [its] financial situation” and deciding whether or not to continue operations after reportedly suffering great losses due to the crises.

Verdict: The news is false. Founded in 1933, Brasserie Almaza is here to stay.

Context: “Beware of fake news. Cheers,” wrote Almaza Beer in a caption on its official Instagram account. The company posted its response saying that while the country was facing many challenges, it has still been managing the situation “very well.”

The company admitted that there was a temporary pause in its sales due to the unstable and volatile exchange rate, but that it has resumed sales and is in full operation.