Fact Check: Is Michael Boulos Getting Engaged to Trump’s Daughter

News have been circulating about the engagement celebration of Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos, the Lebanese millionaire son of Boulos Entreprises.

Michael and the younger daughter of US President Donald Trump have been in a close relationship for a while now and under the media spotlights.

So when the engagement celebration’s invitation by President Trump was reported by a Lebanese local news outlet, the invite went circulating on social media like wildfire. 

Claim: Michael Boulos is getting engaged to Trump’s daughter on January 1st as per an invitation issued by US President Donald Trump.

Verdict: The news turned out to be a prank. Michael Boulos denied it on his Instagram story on Wednesday.  Wishing everyone a happy new year, he said: “FYI though, the letter/invitation that has spread around in the past two days is not real, it’s been completely made up…”

According to the Daily Mail, it was MTV Lebanon that first reported the engagement. On January 1st, the headline read: “Lebanese Young Man Will Soon Become US President Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law.”

“It appears that the news station MTV Lebanon was the first to report that Michael and Tiffany, 26, were allegedly engaged to be married,” Daily Mail stated. “The so-called invitation for the fête has been making the rounds on social media, which is what likely prompted Michael to put an end to the reports.”

Michael and Tiffany have been dating for over a year after meeting in Greece at a party hosted by actress Lindsay Lohan, according to Lifestyle magazine. They have been together since then, and one of the paparazzi’s favorite couples.

Michael Charbel Boulos is the son of the Lebanese businessman Massaad Boulos, from the northern Lebanese village of Kfaraaqa.

Michael currently runs the family business, Boulos Entreprises and SCOA, established by his father Massaad in Nigeria, and which is known for its highly successful multi-billion-dollar businesses.

Michael himself was born in Texas but raised and educated in Nigeria where he is a citizen. He studied Finance in England at the City University of London.

Although the engagement celebration, allegedly issued by the US President himself, is a fake, Michael and Tiffany are pretty close and almost inseparable.

Michael and his parents attended Trump’s family Thanksgiving celebration this year in the White House. From photos going around for a year now, Michael seems quite familiar with the family, and President Trump himself.

If a wedding would be for the young couple, it is not certainly in the coming days nor months or any foreseen future. Nevertheless, we wish them both happiness.

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