Thousands Of Dollars Already Raised To Help Lebanon After Explosion


More than 73 killed and 3,700 others injured when a disastrous explosion destroyed Beirut’s port and its surroundings.

Buildings around the area crumpled to the ground and windows shattered, with dozens of Red Cross teams racing to the scene.

The Lebanese Red Cross announced a highly urgent call for blood donations from all blood types to help save those injured in the explosion, the organization said on Twitter.

Due to the increasing number of injuries, the red cross isn’t able to reach all the people wounded at home.

Thus, they have set up triage and first aid stations located in Martyrs’ Square, near Al-Amin Mosque, and in Forum De Beyrouth.

While the Lebanese Red Cross are doing their absolute best like always to ensure the safety and well-being of the public, founder of The961 Anthony B. Kantara and Rita Houkayem took it into their own hands to start up a “Go Fund Me” page for the sole purpose of raising money to help the Lebanese Red Cross with their response to the explosion.

In times of need, people quickly took to action. Within a few hours, over $15,000 has been raised.

All funds raised, through The961 Foundation, a registered NGO in Canada, will be sent to the Lebanese Red Cross via wire transfer.

The page will continue to raise funds for the upcoming days and will aim beyond their original goal of $50,000 as turmoil is expected to go on for several days, considering the massive destruction and the increasing number of casualties.

People who are able to help and wish to lend their support, especially the Lebanese in the diaspora and Friends of Lebanon, could do so by visiting Beirut Explosion Disaster Relief.

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