Ghada Aoun Committed 17 Violations In The Raid She Carried Out Last Weekend


After  Lebanon’s top prosecutor Judge Ghassan Oueidat dismissed Judge Ghada Aoun from financial crimes cases, she decided to launch a raid on the offices of the Mecattaf company.

Supported by partisans of the political party Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), she conducted the dramatic raid for two consecutive days on Friday and Saturday.

According to a judicial source, during those two days, Judge Aoun has committed 17 violations. In comments to MTV, the judicial source listed the violations as follows:

  • She violated the decision of the Court of Cassation Public Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat 
  • She violated Judge Samer Lisha’s indication
  • She used her bodyguard to remove 4 doors from the Mecattaf company building
  • She violated the provisions of Article 125 that required her to stop following the case after dismissal 
  • She evaded acknowledging the report against her submitted by the Mecattaf company
  • She intervened with the Mount Lebanon Appeals Court examining her dismissal request
  • She pressured the security forces to violate laws and Judge Oueidat’s decision

Note: She was caught on video telling security personnel, “Come and I’ll cover you. I’ll say that you got a dispatch….”

  • She refused to comply with Judge Oueidat’s summons up to 4 times
  • She held a populist parade on April 16 and 17
  • She used a group of “advocates” to pressure the company and public opinion on April 16, 2021.
  • She brought a group of “advocates” half an hour before her raiding the company’s offices on 4/17/2021 in coordination with some political parties
  • She coordinated with non-judicial bodies to circumvent the law and file complaints according to her directives
  • She re-investigated cases that were previously investigated in violation of Article 182 of the Penal Code
  • She encroached on the financial powers of the Public Prosecution Office and the Special Investigation Commission
  • She moved to the company’s offices on Saturday, which is closed, as it is a day off
  • She pressured and threatened an expert
  • She pressured and threatened the witnesses

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