Intense Retaliation To The Killing Of Ghais Masry In Lebanon (Video)

YasserElMasri/Facebook | HassanObeid16/Twitter

People close to 24-year-old Ghais Masry decided to take matters into their own hands after he was killed in a shooting on Sunday at the gas station owned by his father.

Despite the dangerous shortage of petrol and the intensifying frustration of the people, scores of stations across Lebanon are left unprotected.

Following Masry’s massive funeral procession in Akkar on Monday, people presumed to be close to Masry retaliated by shooting directly at the residences of the al-Hazouri family, which was allegedly responsible for Masry’s death.

Notably, the al-Hazouri family had already issued a statement denouncing and condemning the killing, adding their decision to hand over the perpetrator to the authorities to “let justice take its course”.

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