Here’s A Good Reason To Prank Your Loved Ones This Christmas!

Christmas is less than a month away and, with everything that’s been going on in Lebanon, there’s nothing like a little holiday spirit and gifts to lighten the mood.

For the occasion, the Lebanese non-profit “The World Sucks” launched a lighthearted Empty Christmas Gift Box challenge to encourage people to donate to underprivileged families in Lebanon this Christmas.

In a nutshell, their campaign calls for filling boxes with basic necessities (and toys!) to give as gifts for those in need and to help your friends and family members experience the great joy of giving.

The campaign comes with a fun prank to play on your loved ones. It entails giving them empty gift boxes as early Christmas gifts and recording their reactions.

They’ll seem disappointed and confused at first, but then you’ll reveal that the real gift is to gradually fill the box with items for the underprivileged. If that doesn’t fill their hearts with warmth, what will?

Send or tag to get reposted and help spread the word and encourage more people to join the challenge and spread joy and the holiday spirit to those who need it most.

You can choose from the list below where you want your gift to go and get in touch with the organizers of the gift box pick-up:

To the underprivileged students of a boarding school in Bekaa:

  • Contact: Yeghia Boghossian
  • Goal: 70 boxes
  • Pick-up: Beirut, Metn, Qadaa Zahleh, Keserwan
  • Phone: +961 70 68 85 10

To the homeless and less fortunate families of Greater Beirut:

  • Contact: Mission Village 
  • Pick-up: in the Greater Beirut area
  • Phone: +961 76 59 43 68

To the less fortunate families in Sidon and Tripoli:

  • Contact: Ahmad Huda
  • Goal: 50 boxes
  • Pick-up: Beirut and Saida
  • Phone: +961 76 11 27 90

To the underprivileged families of Tripoli:

  • Contact: Shop La Fripe 
  • Pick up: Tripoli, Batroun, Zalka, Jdeideh
  • Phone: +961 71 11 88 77

To those in the affected region of the Beirut explosion: