Health Center in Jbeil Offers Free Services for those in Need!

Not too log ago, the Minister of Public Health in Lebanon Ghassan Hasbani introduced a

new health care plan

which will be free for those in need. The minister believes that getting covered by the government is a fundamental right for every citizen. In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon, the American University of Beirut, and the World Bank, the health center of Jbeil is offering free services for those in need. The head of the health department Chawki Helo said that the ministry had sent the names of the needy people in Jbeil which are 1007 people. The names were chosen in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon. In fact, the center is serving approximately 250 families.

What does this health center offer to the patients?

  • Free checkups
  • Regular checkups for people who have diabetes, heart diseases, or any chronic disease
  • Free vaccinations for children

Also, most of the medications that are available at the center are free, and few of them can be purchased at a low price. The mayor of Jbeil Wissam Zaarour hopes that this center will contribute to the health of the residents of the region.

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