Read This Heartbreaking Christmas Message To Sahar Fares By Her Fiancé

Gilbert Karaan

This year, the holiday season in Lebanon looks and feels very different. People are still mourning the loss of their city, while others are mourning the loss of a loved one.

Beirut’s disastrous port explosion not only blanketed the capital with debris and ruins, but it also led to the death of over 200 innocent civilians, including civil defense personnel.

Among them was the courageous 27-year-old firefighter Sahar Fares, who was part of the team who rushed to the line of duty, arriving at the warehouse just minutes before it exploded.

None of them remained to tell their story, leaving it to their loved ones to be their voices for justice and keep their memories alive.

Gilbert Karaan, Sahar’s fiancé, has been vocal about her just like every victim’s family, continuously calling for justice and demanding answers to multiple questions regarding the explosion.

However, their requests are yet to be answered.

Karaan recently took to his Facebook account to post a heartbreaking Christmas message to his deceased beloved Sahar, days before Christmas eve.

“To my heroic, beautiful bride, I did not know this year would rob me of my life partner. I did not know this year would keep Sahar and I from making our dream come true. I did not know this year, time would stop on August 4th at 6:07 PM.”

“How difficult this Christmas is, thinking back on when we used to decorate the tree and buy gifts for each other. On Christmas, we would hold each other and celebrate together and argue about whether we’d celebrate at your parent’s house or mine. It is difficult to see you have become a photograph that decorates my Christmas tree.”

“Your soul will stick by me every step of the way. You passed away as a martyr because you fought and helped your country even during your last breath. Your love for Lebanon turned you into an angel.”

“You are a hero my bride, a hero for all of Lebanon. Heaven is lucky to have you.”

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