10+ Incredible Hiking Destinations In Lebanon

Hiking is the best way to explore Lebanon. Whether you’re interested in cultural sites or gorgeous waterfalls, hiking in Lebanon is an experience that should not be missed!

Al Shouf Biosphere Reserve

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We call them, trees of heaven ?

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This reserve is the largest one in Lebanon. It goes from Dahr Al Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south. It encloses 3 Cedar forests which constitute 25% of the remaining cedars in Lebanon.

Horsh Ehden Reserve

The reserve in Ehden contains cedars and encloses 1,058 plant species 40% of which are native plant species in Lebanon.

Al Ammouaa Forest

Located in Akkar, this forest is abundant in different types of trees.

Tannourine Cedar Forests Reserve

The reserve in Tannourine protects one of the largest cedar forests in Lebanon. You can hike and bird watch there.

Qornet El Sawda

Qornet Al Sawda is the highest peak in Lebanon and the Levant. It is a famous destination for exciting ATV rides!

Wadi Al Hujair National Reserve

If you are a tree enthusiast, then this reserve is the perfect gateway for you. Wadi Al Hujair National Reserve is full of oak and valonia forests.

Bentael Nature Reserve

It is the first unofficial reserve in Lebanon!


Kfardebian is one of the most famous skiing destinations in Lebanon. This region offers a breathtaking view!

Mount Sannine

It’s the source of many water springs!

Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

Jabal Moussa is rich in historic and cultural sites such as Roman stairs, an abandoned Ottoman settlement, an olive press, a Byzantine Church, and many more interesting sites.

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Al Qoubaiyat

Located in Akkar, Al Qoubaiyat is mostly visited by ATV riders! It’s a great destination for hikers since this region is full of cultural and historic sites!

Qadisha Valley

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Qadisha- lebanon- Valley of the saints

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The Holy Valley is the ultimate destination for people who seek peace and adventure. It is the home of the Colombian hermit Father Dario Escobar who has been living in Our Lady of Hawqa Monastery for 17 years.

Baatara Gorge Waterfall

The view is scary and mesmerizing at the same time!

Lebanon Mountain Trail

This trail extends from Andqet in the north to Marjaayoun in the south! If you’re an extreme sports lover, you will absolutely love hiking this trail!

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