There Is Now A Hotline You Can Call In Lebanon If You Suffer From Anxiety


Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress, something we in Lebanon are far too familiar with.

You know you have anxiety when you feel as if your heart is in your throat, you’re clamped up, you can’t think straight, you feel restless, irritable, fatigued, and you can’t sleep well.

Note that there is a difference between being anxious and having anxiety, although they sound the same.

The first is often temporarily, caused by a particular matter, such as being anxious to pass an exam or an interview, etc, and hence manageable.

The second lingers and settles in, and can be difficult to cope with and hence become a disorder.

A trauma, such as the devastating explosion that occurred recently in Beirut, could cause a lingering state of anxiety, mostly post-traumatic syndrome disorder, known as PTSD.

That catastrophe has added to the Lebanese people’s suffering. Even before it, Lebanon was in a terrible state, as we all know, and most people in a state of anxiety; naturally.

During these unfortunate times, mental health is a serious concern.

Today, there are specialists on the other end of every phone waiting for the call of any and all who are having difficulties coping with their anxiety.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, or just feel it at the moment; whether you’re diagnosed with depression, or just riding a wave of sadness; these specialists are ready to listen to you and talk you out of what you’re experiencing.

Nehna Hadak, which translates into we are at your side, is a volunteer-based organization made by psychology students and graduates of the Lebanese University.

Under the supervision of professors from the university, Nehna Hadak is there to provide psychological support, guidance, and direction to those who need it.

The hotline psychologist can provide listening and guidance.

“Each case is unique. We listen to the caller and tackle each subject accordingly,” Nehna Haddak told The961.

“If we believe the caller’s condition is advanced in disorder, for example, if they are showing symptoms of a mental disorder, we refer them to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist according to their case.”

Hand in hand to protect our mental health and yours.

– Nehna Hadak
Nehna Hadak

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