Here’s How Iraqi Fuel Will Be Distributed In Lebanon

Here's How Iraqi Fuel Will Be Distributed In Lebanon

New information has come to light about the distribution criteria of the Iraqi fuel that reached Lebanon on Thursday.

The reserve of the Iraqi tanker, which amounts to about 31,000 tonnes, will be distributed between the Zahrani (southern Lebanon) and Deir Ammar (northern Lebanon) power plants, according to Al-Jadeed.

The fuel will be distributed equally and will be enough to run both plants for a full week, provided that they operate at full capacity.

If operated at half capacity, on the other hand, the power plants would be able to provide electricity for two weeks.

This shipment is the outcome of the first tender that Lebanon held to swap Iraqi fuel oil with Grade-B fuel oil that is suitable for Lebanese power stations.

Lebanon is set to hold more tenders on a monthly basis to import and swap the remainder of the fuel that has been agreed upon with the Iraqi authorities.

Notably, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi insisted back when the deal was made that the majority of the fuel Lebanon is set to receive from Iraq – 1 million tonnes in total – would not need to be swapped before use.

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Here's How Iraqi Fuel Will Be Distributed In Lebanon

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