An Israeli Influencer May Have Just Entered Lebanon & Security Forces Didn’t Notice


Alyne Tamir, a worldwide famous Israeli video creator, was allegedly in Beirut this week for New Year’s Eve, flying to Lebanon from Dubai on an Emirates flight, while the General Security and the Lebanese government had absolutely no clue.

People quickly took notice of the screenshots from her Instagram stories posted on Saturday January 2nd, 2021.

She mentions in her story that she went on a “secret trip” for the last few days of 2020. The boarding pass clearly states it was an Emirates flight, EK 958 which is the flight from Beirut to Dubai, as Instagram page ThawraMap and Gino from Gino’s Blog pointed out.

In the screenshots posted by the video blogger herself on her Instagram page, one of her fans showed concern that Tamir hasn’t been posting during the holiday, so she reassures the fan by saying “I was in a country where I need to be careful so I’m not sure if I will post the stories later or not, I probably will!”.

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In the picture above posted by Tamir, she drops a hint on her whereabouts, where it becomes clear that she’s in Beirut. The deserted phone booths alongside the yellow fence with the graffitied walls of EDL are all elements of Mar Mikhael’s Armenia street in Beirut.

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In the story above, she confirms that the country she’s residing in is not Turkey, rejecting the many speculations from her fans who thought she was there.

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The last peice of evidence is her last story showcasing the video blogger spending her last night with family members, saying that she “flew back after just two days”.

People have come to the conclusion after the multiple demonstrative evidence from Tamir’s Instagram that she came to Lebanon on New Year’s Eve and causally roamed around the streets of Beirut.

Alyne Tamir was born in Occupied Palestine in 1990. The content creator has publicly embraced her “Israeli ethnicity”, as well as her American nationality.

The famous video creator with a Facebook page that has almost 3 Million followers and 300 Million views, is also the girlfriend of the popular Israeli video blogger “Nas Daily”.

It’s become apparent that she used her American passport to enter Lebanese territory, flying across Dubai International Airport, considering the UAE and Israel normalized relations recently.

However, the only puzzle left here is the fact that the General Security didn’t even notice. 

In a time when Lebanese activists are getting their personal items confiscated and detained in Beirut’s airport with no judicial order, it comes as a shock to learn that an internationally famous Israeli just flew in, celebrated the holidays in Beirut, and traveled back without any official noticing or even batting an eyelash.

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