Meet The Lebanese Jake El Mir, One Of The Youngest Tech Entrepreneurs In The MENA


When you know of a 20-year-old CEO and entrepreneur who has been creating apps since the age of 11, with dozens of them hitting tops on the Apple charts, you can only think of a genius and a visionary.

That is Jake El Mir, one of the youngest entrepreneurs and app developers in the MENA region that has been dazzling the world.

He is an entrepreneur, an app designer and developer, and the founder and CEO of the technology company 22 Group. 

He has more than 25 applications on the App Store platform that hit the Top Charts numerous times.

Picture from the DailyStar

His company 22 Group creates interactions through digital innovations and experiences, aiming to help the world advance toward a brighter and better future.

The young Lebanese entrepreneur has grabbed the attention of the international press for his venture and inventiveness. He has appeared on more than 35 television channels so far, and his name is featured in multiple tech publications.

Acknowledging his ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence, Apple awarded him the WWDC Scholarship when he was just 14 years of age, making him the youngest in the history of the Middle East to receive this award.

In 2015, he was honored with the Dubai Youth and Innovation (Golden) Award for his app “NoSpeed” and received a Certificate of Excellence in the 14th Pan Arab Excellence Award that selects the Best Apps in the Arab World.

He was also featured in the leading Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists at 17 years old.

Currently, he is holding the position of one of the most influential young Middle-Eastern in the world.

In April 2022, the United Arab Emirates honored him with the reputable Golden Residency Visa, a 10-year residency permit, which is granted to people with exceptional skills and high contributions to the country’s economy.

For the past 3 years, the world looks at Lebanon as its people struggle with tremendous hardships and impossible crises and wonder how they will ever make it through. Jake El Mitri is one of these living testimonies that answer such a question.

Amid the cataclysmic situation in their country, the Lebanese have proven to be more than just resilient people surviving adversities. They are creative minds that persist in progressing and building for a better future and world.