Atelier Krikor Jabotian Releases Exquisite Brooch Collection For A Charitable Cause


With the aim of helping the most impoverished individuals and families in Lebanon, Atelier Krikor Jabotian teamed up with Beit El-Baraka to release a collection of exquisite brooches in a campaign entitled “Flower of Glory”.

Throughout June, all proceeds will go to Beit El-Baraka, a charity dedicated to helping people get on their feet, restoring dignity, reviving homes that have been crushed by the Beirut blast, providing food, education, medical services, and much more.

“I have a great sense of gratitude and respect for Beit El-Baraka’s mission and vision,” wrote designer Krikor Jabotian on Instagram.

Created with the fine craftsmanship of Lebanese artisans, 7 brass brooches were each inspired by Lebanese women who have “allowed [their] communities to forcefully blossom and persevere in spite of severe hardships,” wrote the fashion house.

In a heartwarming tribute, the “Flower of Glory” brooches were named after Anahid, Layla, Sabah, Salwa, Therese, Varteni, and Victorine.

“It has been a devastating year for Lebanon and this is the atelier’s humble way of giving back,” Jabotian added.

“We remain ready and willing to support one another, in hopes that one day every Lebanese can lead a dignified life. Hand in hand, we hope to make a significant step towards realizing this dream.”

Here are the intricate and beautiful designs:








To support the endeavor with these brooches, you can DM Krikor Jabotian Atelier on Instagram or contact them at 961 713 73030.