Fairouz Just Released A New Song!

Guess what! 2017 just got a lot better! Fairouz made a comeback with a new song!

Lameen: a tribute to Assi Al Rahbani

After years of being inactive, Fairouz blessed the world with a song called Lameen dedicated to her late husband Assi Al Rahbani to pay tribute to him!

That’s not all, this song is part of her album called Bi Bali, which will be released on September 22!

So yeah, 2017 is a huge year for the art scene in Lebanon and the Middle East! Fairouz’s daughter Reema Rahbani is the producer of the album which is comprised of these 10 songs:

  • Bi Bali
  • Lameen
  • Yemkin
  • Ma Tez3al Menni
  • Ana W Yak
  • Hikayat Ktir
  • Bgheir Dene
  • Beit zghir
  • Rah Nerjaa Netla2a

After posting several behind-the-scenes videos on Fairouz’s official page on Facebook, the fans were more than thrilled!

Lameen was inspired by a French song called Pour qui veille l’étoile. Reema made the necessary changes by rewriting the song in Arabic.

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