Lebanese Army Raises The Spanish Flag To Pay Tribute To Barcelona’s Terror Attack Victims

Since the start of the Syrian conflict, the northern part of Lebanon, more precisely Arsal, has been a vulnerable area because it is close to the Syrian borders. Currently, the Lebanese Army is focusing on pushing Al Nusra and ISIS out of Lebanon and securing the Lebanese land. For that reason, the army launched yesterday

a new operation against ISIS called “Fajr Al Jurud”

which aims at gaining complete control in this area once and for all. In fact, the operation is taking place near Ras Baalbeck.

Paying tribute to all the victims in the world

A picture showing two Lebanese soldiers holding the Lebanese and the Spanish flags was posted on the Lebanese Army’s website to pay tribute to the victims of the terror attack in Barcelona as well as to all the victims in the world. In fact, a young man drove a van down a popular pedestrian area called Las Ramblas. He ended up killing 13 people. Also, more than 100 people got injured. The man is believed to be Younes Abou Yaacoub, a 22-year-old Morrocan.

Update on the military operation against ISIS

According to the Lebanese Army, there are 600 terrorists in the Lebanese territory. They are divided into 3 groups in 3 different areas: Jurd of Qaa, Jurd Ras Baalbeck, and the hills over Wadi Al Chahout. Also, the Lebanese Army:

  • freed 25% of the area that was occupied by ISIS in Lebanon
  • killed 20 terrorists
  • destroyed 11 buildings that contain weapons that belong to ISIS

God bless the Lebanese Army!


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