Head Of Lebanese Customs Badri Daher Was Just Detained

Head Of Lebanese Customs Badri Daher Was Just Detained

While the official investigation to uncover those responsible for the Beirut Port explosion is ongoing, a weighty arrest related to this case has taken place.

Director-General of Lebanese Customs Badri Daher was detained late on Friday after being questioned for nearly 6 hours, by the order of Attorney General, Judge Ghassan Khoury.

Consequently, the official will be kept in custody and will be interrogated further as the Beirut explosion investigation progresses.

Earlier on Friday, Daher appeared alongside his attorney at the headquarters of military police in Rihaniye. This followed his initial refusal to comply after having been summoned for investigation.

Before he finally showed up, the official had been claiming that he had not been informed of his obligation to appear for investigation in accordance with the legal means.

Badri Daher’s arrest comes after the Lebanese government tasked the Lebanese Army with placing Beirut Port officials – in addition to other Lebanese officials – under house arrest until the official investigation comes to a conclusion regarding the responsibilities behind the Beirut explosion.

Notably, local media reported that the former director-general of Lebanese Customs, Shafiq Merhi, was also detained after being questioned on Friday.

Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad announced earlier that 19 people, including the manager of the Port of Beirut, had been apprehended by the military police as the investigation continues.

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