Lebanese Diaspora in Italy Organize Protests In Four Different Cities!

—- “If a nation ever wanted life, destiny cannot but respond.”—-

The Lebanese Diaspora has been a fundamental support system as well as an undeniable economic and political partner to their fellow Lebanese for decades now. With remittances pouring in from almost every corner of the globe, political activism and support are well alive in the diaspora. It goes without saying that the Lebanese Diaspora is not only one of the most successful in the world, but also fundamentally, one of the most engaged and concerned about their home country.


As protests embark on their second week now, international and regional support is reaching an all-time high.  Multiple cities around the world have organized protests and peaceful demonstrations in support of Lebanese people’s demands, even bringing the original Lebanese spirits and flavors to their gatherings while they involve foreign governments and their people as well.

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The Lebanese Diaspora has a long-standing history of lobbying for Lebanon abroad, with some of the biggest and most successful lobbies dating back to the Lebanese Civil War, the 2006 War, the 2016-17 protests, and continuing their tireless efforts amidst the people’s concerns today. 


Not only do the demonstrations in the streets exemplify Lebanese solidarity across borders with their own people, but they also exemplify a strong trend of rallying foreign governments and leaders to adopt their cause and peacefully pressure the Lebanese government.

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With everyone from U.S. governors to Jordanian singers asking the Lebanese government for change, we can assume our Lebanese brothers and sisters in the diaspora are not only doing their patriotic duty, but they are also carrying in their chests the very causes that drove them to leave in the first place.


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As a country with a significant Lebanese Diaspora, the Lebanese in Italy have made us all proud with not only one, or two, but four protest organized in parallel to all the demonstrations happening in Lebanon.

Following the one which took place in Pavia on October 19, and the one that took place in Milan on October 20, the Lebanese community in Italy recently organized a protest yesterday on October 21 in Rome, and are organizing another peaceful demonstration on the 26th of October in Bologna – an indication that the Lebanese people EVERYWHERE are not stopping anytime soon!


Via Madrid Peaceful Protest Oct 19th

On the 26th of October, Bologna, Italy will witness the protest From Bologna to Lebanon, in collaboration with the Lebanese Socio-Cultural Association of Pavia and the Lebanese students of Bologna and Ferrara, at Piazza San Francesco, Bologna, from 2 PM to 4 PM local time.

We pray our Lebanese brothers and sisters are safe wherever they are protesting for a better Lebanon, and that they maintain their integrity, their belief in a country of peace, and their demands for a better Lebanon in the process.


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