Lebanese expats residing in these 6 Arab countries will vote in the parliamentary election tomorrow!

The upcoming parliamentary election will take place on May 6. However, Lebanese expats residing in Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will vote tomorrow. This is the first time that Lebanese expats can vote without leaving their countries of residence. 92,810 people registered, even though there are millions of Lebanese people living abroad, but that’s a good start. The voting process will take place at the nearest Lebanese consulate or embassy from 7 AM till 10 PM. Each voter will receive a ballot and an envelope. After the election, the envelopes will be sealed and sent to the Central Bank of Lebanon in a diplomatic bag. On April 29, Lebanese people residing in the following countries will vote: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Denmark, France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guinea, Italy, Liberia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Romania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, and Venezuela. This year’s parliamentary election is our only chance to put Lebanon on the right track. Vote for the candidate who deserves and is qualified to represent you!

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