Maronite Patriarch Demanded Election Of A President Able To Confront Provocations & Challenges

Dalati Nohra

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi demanded the election of a president who would “not only demarcate the state’s border with the countries surrounding Lebanon but also with Lebanese forces acting as if there were no inviolability, borders, or dignity for the state, legitimacy and the army.”

His statement implied Hezbollah and its armed forces.

“When we say that we don’t want a provocative president, we don’t at all mean that we want a president who would be challenged by everyone,” he stressed in his weekly Sunday Mass sermon.

“The president’s ability to confront provocations and challenges stems in the first place from his ethics, immunity to temptations, resilience in the face of intimidation, respect for the constitution, and turning to the people at the critical junctures,” the patriarch added.

He commented that the new president should not be elected based on a book of terms for this or that party, but rather based on “his vision for Lebanon’s fate.”

Al-Rahi urged all parties concerned about the upcoming presidential elections to agree on a candidate who “enjoys these characteristics”.

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