Lebanese Politicians Tackling Solutions In Case Of A Presidential Vacancy


In the latest Lebanese ruling tactics in dealing with critical issues, Lebanese politicians are tackling solutions in case of a presidential vacancy, which could only occur if they don’t tackle the current problem of the government formation.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri have reportedly claimed to have constitutional justifications that would give the caretaker government the powers of a regular government, in case of a presidential deadlock.

Some, on the other side, namely the FPM, want to keep President Michel Aoun in his post, at least until a new Cabinet is formed or a new President is elected.

Speculations rest on that obstruction of the formation of a government mainly aims to renew Aoun’s term or “preserve” the presidential seat to the FPM. However, sources close to Baabda reported that Aoun has decided, for now, not to stay in his post after the end of his term.

Others are also considering designating a new Prime Minister instead of Mikati to form a government or even having Aoun form a government himself in case of a presidential vacancy.

Meanwhile, governments of several countries are preparing to intensify their contacts with the main political forces in Lebanon in an attempt to push the presidential elections to be held on their constitutional date and block those who bet on postponing them.

However, Lebanon can’t possibly conduct presidential elections if the ruling politicians don’t allocate all their efforts and attention to solving the main problem, which is the government formation.

A problem that they seem to be steering away from, keeping it pending like other critical matters witnessed these past three years, such as the “urgent” reforms, the banking crisis, the hyperinflation, and the collapse of the local currency, among others.

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