Presidential Vacancy In Lebanon Is A Great Possibility Amid Struggle To Form A New Government

It is expected this week that more indications will emerge about the mission of the American mediator in the maritime borders demarcation case, Amos Hochstein.

Lebanon is waiting for a final Israeli answer on its borders and rights, in the light of which it can build on the necessary.

Accordingly, a political dispute has begun to loom on the horizon over the presidential election that might prevent its achievement within the constitutional deadline, re-examining the necessity of forming the new government to assume the powers of the President of the Republic after the expiry of his term.

Amid all these developments, the financial and economic crises are exacerbated by the banks’ holding on to the money of depositors and employees in the public and private sectors alike, without any deterrence or accountability.

Official activities have been absent due to the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati being on vacation abroad.

No contact has been recorded between Mikati and President Michel Aoun since the meeting that coincided with Army Day on August 1st and the visit of the American mediator to Beirut.

Informed political sources considered that “it is wrong and dangerous to give in to the idea that there is no possibility to form a new government, on the basis that it is no longer “achieved” due to the approaching date of the presidential elections.”

The same sources told Al-Joumhouria that the importance of a new government is not measured by the interval from the date of the presidential entitlement but is related to the possibility that the president will not be elected within the constitutional deadline.

A presidential vacancy is a great possibility, which calls for a government with full specifications to manage the country’s affairs in the transitional period.

“The country’s situation cannot bear to remain for months without a president and an authentic government together, and to be satisfied with a caretaker government with limited powers,” the sources commented.

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