This Is How Lebanese Social Media Is Reacting To Valentine Day This Year

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Valentine’s day can be both loved and hated. Some fully immerse in it ahead of time and some fully avoid it, also ahead of time. And when it comes to Lebanon in crisis, some feel the need to bash it and ridicule it, mostly a way to express their frustration.

And since the Lebanese make a perfect duo with sarcasm, an inseparable “couple-goals”, V-Day this year is just another opportunity for them to share their takes about it.

Love, greetings, and funny attitudes, here are the most notable ones:

In Lebanon, we don’t say…

Some people seem too broken-hearted.

Make it a Food-Eating Day instead

Translation: Why don’t they make a holiday for eating when we can go to restaurants to eat for free instead of celebrating this “naughty” holiday.

Eating for two

Sure, why not? Food is love after all…

Contagious mood?

Even Valentine teddy bears in Lebanon are not up to it…

Adapting to the situation

The best gift is always what is needed the most…

A V-Day’s gift from the Lebanese state

No comment.

More sad teddy bears

Even teddy bears in Lebanon are frustrated.

This is how Lebanese people feel 24/7

Tired and broke.

A love greeting from Falafel…yum

Love each other this Valentine’s

Every day has been a romantic V-Day in Lebanon

Black instead of red seemed more appropriate

And the winner is…

Lebanon’s economy, everyone.

We have to bear with each other this Valentine!

In reference to the [billionaire] Lebanese Prime Minister speech calling the Lebanese people to bear with the situation and each other.

Someone needs a dose of love…

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