Lebanese Surgeon Just Won The “Best of The Best” 2019 Title in America

There’s nothing like hearing about our Lebanese people becoming successfully famous on the international scene. It is like they are always giving us more reasons to be even prouder of our nation and its people. And this exactly what Dr. Joseph Khalil has recently done.


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Doctor Joseph Adib Khalil, son of the Lebanese village of Mayrouba in the mountain of Kessrwanhas recently been honored with the title “THE BEST OF BEST” of 2019 in the field of dentistry in Washington D.C., United-States.

Probably the most interesting about this honor is that there was no organization or jury behind it. It was the people of Washington and its suburbs who selected Dr. Khalil as the best dentist in a survey conducted in the region.


According to the American magazine Washingtonian, the survey presented the public with tens of thousands of doctors operating in Washington’s region for the people to choose, as per their own experiences, the best doctors for 2019 in various fields. 

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Our Lebanese doctor Khalil proves to be indeed loved by his patients and fellow doctors, as this is not the first time that this young Lebanese dentist has been under the spotlight.


According to Jabalna magazine, his patients and other doctors have previously voted him as one of the best dentists several times in a number of surveys by specialized medical journals. 

In an interview with the magazine, Dr. Khalil talked about the secret of his success. He linked it to his Lebanese origins and, as he said, “to the spirit of resistance and non-surrender that our family has planted in us, and their insistence on the importance of education and obtaining certificates in order to rely on them in our lives.”

In the interview, Dr. Khalil also expressed his gratefulness to the United States for giving him the opportunities to learn, practice, and succeed.


Dr. Khalil immigrated to the US from Lebanon at 26-year old after obtaining his baccalaureate degree. He enrolled at the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry, graduating in 2000 with honors and multiple awards.

He currently has three dental centers in Washington, Arlington Dentistry by Design, where he is involved in all dental surgery.

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A member of the American College of Prosthodontics and active participant in continuing education seminars, Dr. Khalil is specialized in Advanced Adult Restorative Dentistry, which includes restoration, beautification, rehabilitation, and implantation of teeth and gums, based on the latest technology. 

He is also praised for even ‘transforming the most challenging cosmetic and restorative problems’ and is also one of the few dental surgeons in the region who rely on the Sedation Dentistry, a treatment method dedicated to patients who are afraid of dentists.

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