Lebanese Woman Arrested For “Witchcraft” & Scam Operation


The Lebanese Internal Security Forces announced in a statement on Tuesday that it has arrested three con artists that have been scamming people in Beirut and the Mount Lebanon region.

The scams were headed by a Lebanese woman who had been scamming people by impersonating an ambassador and for allegedly performing acts of “witchcraft and sorcery.”

According to the ISF, the woman and her accomplices fooled victims into believing that she was an ambassador that organizes weddings and events for Saudi princes and royalty.

She would lure her victims into thinking she could secure employment for them in KSA through her business. Victims fell for the act and would pay her to get them a job.

She would exploit their need for employment to seize their money making them believe she has connections with high profile people in KSA.

In addition, the ISF stated that she made money by “performing acts of witchcraft and sorcery” as well as by cashing checks, illicit money exchange, and usury.

After investigation, the authorities were able to bust their hiding spot and arrest them. The con artists were identified as:

  • Z. Sh born in 1982
  • A. A born in 1987
  • M. A born in 1987

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Lebanese Woman Arrested For "Witchcraft" & Scam Operation

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