Lebanon Is Celebrating The 160th Anniversary Of The ISF

Lebanon Is Celebrating The 160th Anniversary Of The ISF

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) institution is celebrating the 160th anniversary of its establishment on Wednesday.

Established in 1861, Lebanon’s national police and security force boasts more than 40,000 personnel, according to the latest official numbers.

Marking the ISF‘s 160th anniversary, ISF Director-General Maj. Gen. Imad Othman, in the presence of unit commanders, honored ISF martyrs by placing a wreath on the memorial at the barracks of the ISF headquarters.

Security forces personnel played music in honor of the martyrs, followed by the Lebanese National Anthem.

Maj. Gen. Othman had issued on Tuesday a general order, in which he saluted the efforts of officers, sergeants, and all members of the ISF in maintaining security and civil peace, especially in the delicate circumstances that Lebanon is going through.


He called upon ISF personnel to be aware of what he called “this turbulent stage,” especially “after the institution has taken its active role in internal security and the homeland’s and citizens’ need for it has become greater than ever before.”

He also urged them to be wise and patient in this critical stage, affirming that they, alongside Lebanese civilians, will all be one hand in crossing it.

Also marking the occasion, the ISF posted a video, titled “No matter how severe the crises get, #security_is_a_fidelty,” on its social media accounts.

In the video, ISF personnel assures the Lebanese that they will continue to work on preserving internal security despite Lebanon’s difficult circumstances.


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