Lebanon Finally Has Its First Public Skatepark

Mohammad Khazem

Lebanon can finally claim to have a public skatepark. Al Snoubar Skatepark, the first public skatepark in Lebanon, was opened in Qasqas, in the heart of Horsh Beirut, just 3 weeks ago and it’s already bustling with activity.

This unique project, which was made possible with the help of the AirFrance Decathlon Foundation and Make Life Skate Life, comes now to offer a professionally constructed facility for the youth to enjoy the thrill of skateboarding in a safe and open environment.

The skating community in Lebanon used to mainly skate in public spaces like Downtown Beirut or Saint George Bay (also known as Zaytuna Bay) for lacking specialized venues.

There are some private skateparks in the country. However, with the worsening economical situation, a specialized public space was needed.

Skaters from all around Beirut are now congregating in this park with the goal of honing their skills and practicing their art. New enthusiasts and kids are also seeking it to learn this thrilling sport.

People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are visiting the place, and its thriving with life and impressive skaters.

Mohammad Khazem

This project’s importance lies in the fact that it provides Lebanon’s youth with a healthy and beneficial escape as the country continues to worsen.

With the constant blackouts of both the electricity and the internet, offline hobbies are now needed more than ever.

In addition to this park, the German-born Lebanese brothers Pacel and Ali Khachab are aiming at building a skatepark in Lebanon. They emphasized the importance of having a skatepark to practice and improve skating skills.

Back in February, Pacel had pointed that “in Lebanon, there isn’t a single skate park, at least not in Beirut,” adding that he and his brother would like to change that.

Well, now there is one, and Lebanon can benefit from having more for the youth across the country.

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Lebanon Finally Has Its First Public Skatepark

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