Lebanon Just Received 524 Tonnes Of Food Aid From Turkey


Lebanon received 524 tonnes of foodstuff from Turkey on Monday, as humanitarian aid to tackle the country’s food crisis.

The food aid, which arrived at the Port of Tripoli, includes baby formula along with food products and will be distributed to members of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), the General Security, and the Civil Defense, according to the National News Agency.

Ali Baris Ulusoy, the Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, said that Turkey is keen to support Lebanon during the deep financial dilemma.

He announced that another ship carrying 1,000 tonnes of food items will reach Tripoli before the month of Ramadan in April, to be distributed to the most vulnerable families in Lebanon.

Lebanon had previously held talks with Turkish and Indian Ambassadors to discuss the possibilities of wheat supply from their respective countries.

The Minister of Economy and Trade, Amin Salam, stated that his meetings with the two ambassadors aimed to gather enough efforts to confront the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on Lebanon’s food security and ease the Lebanese wheat crisis.