Lebanon to Remove All Political Photos and Party Flags

Following the massive cleaning campaign initiated by Tripoli yesterday Nov 7th, and which resulted in removing all the political posters from the walls of their city, protesters from different Lebanese regions have now initiated a similar campaign, calling for the removal of all political posters and party flags from North Lebanon to its South.


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Since yesterday evening, the new cleaning campaign is circulating all social media platforms under the slogan “Let’s clean our regions,” calling all Lebanese people to join in. The campaign is set to remove posters of leaders and party flags from north to south this Saturday 9 November 2019.

Many areas, streets, and buildings in Lebanon have been plastered for years with posters, party flags and portraits of political leaders both dead and alive, emblematic of the intense divide among the Lebanese.


The northern city of Tripoli, which is now famous for being “The Bride of the Revolution” took the first step in that regard, not only removing these posters and political party flags, but also replacing them with the Lebanese flag.

A group of protesters roamed the city on Thursday, chanting “Remove Photos and Put Flags” and proceeded to remove them themselves when the owners would not answer the call

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Lately, these campaigns have been gaining a lot of positive and welcoming feedback from most of the Lebanese people, especially those who have been united for the past 23 days in the leaderless and nationwide anti-government demonstrations; a massive nationwide movement aiming to break free from the chains of Lebanon’s deeply-rooted sectarianism.

Be many, spread the word and join this Saturday to remove all these political posters, from the small to the overwhelmingly oversized ones, and replace party flags with the one and only Lebanese flag under which we should all unite.

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