Meet The Lebanese Collective ‘Retrogroove’ Influencing The House Music Scene

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The Lebanese collective Retrogroove by Ralph Nasr and Ronin has been actively influencing house music with every electrifying disco-beats and the wild events they hold, bringing joy to the party-goers.

House music is a genre of electronic dance music featured by a repetitive beat and groovy tunes.

Retrogroove has been hosting festivals and parties for the past 5 years throughout the Middle East: in Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, and even Paris.

The House Music collective offers line-ups of amazing local and international talents for each party they organize.

Each lineup is shared between the co-founder of Retrogroove, Ralph Nasr, and other members of the collective, like Ronin, Klo, Allen Behlok, and whoisbibz, including local DJs from the country they are playing their music from.

Ralph Nasr has been working in the music industry for almost 10 years and has been a well-known figure in the electronic music scene in Lebanon. He played in the biggest and the most popular clubs in Lebanon like The Garten, B018, and The Ballroom Blitz.

Nasr also played alongside international artists like Peggy Gou, a South Korean DJ and record producer based in Germany, and Detroit Swindle, an Amsterdam-based DJ duo.

The other key member of Retrogroove is Ronin, a promoter, and brand strategist, as well as DJ, playing his favorite tunes and providing joy to their fans.

The collective is now also known for hosting and playing colorful and tropical beats, and groovy tunes on wild nights.

The collective Retrogroove started playing in 2017 after the founders realized that clubs used to play the same music. So they decided to come up with their party and rented the studio of a friend.

At getting more popular, they started collaborating with new people, which led to more popularity and even having merch by the name of ‘Retrogroove‘.