Mia Khalifa Just Donated $100,000 To The Lebanese Red Cross

@miakhalifa | @lebaneseredcross

The Lebanese-American Mia Khalifa donated yet another $100,000 to the Lebanese Red Cross.

She shared her once-again donation on her Instagram story on Thursday.

She captured her IG story with: “These pathetic men love to go off about how much money they make like they aren’t financing their entire lifestyle at a 4% interest rate.”

“What is your societal contribution aside from humping a dirty floor? I stopped doing that when I was 21, not sure what your excuse is,” she added, firing back at the judgments, dirty jokes, sarcastic criticism, and assumptions she’s constantly the target of.

This is not the first time Mia Khalifa steps up to help her mother country or demonstrates her genuine care towards the hardships of her people in Lebanon.

She previously donated $25,000 and also auctioned her famous glasses for $100,000 to support the Lebanese Red Cross in the aftermath of the Beirut Blast. When the auction failed to come through, she kept to her word and donated the funds from her own savings.

Mia Khalifa has been a bold voice against corruption and the neglect and indifference of the Lebanese officials in ways the people can’t so openly express for lacking the freedom of expression.

Despite the criticism and bad attitude of many towards her, and that her own country has disowned her, she hasn’t turned her back on Lebanon and doesn’t shy away from helping in its dire times.

From being outspoken and active during the protests of the Lebanese Revolution to helping the Lebanese Red Cross and local NGOs after the Beirut Blast and speaking up on social media, Khalifa has been there for Lebanon.

Her outspokenness even compelled the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, to block her on Instagram back in August 2020 after the Beirut Blast.

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