Mikati, Hezbollah, & Amal Issue Statements Calling For Calm


The death toll just rose to 8 while 60 are reported injured after clashes erupted during a protest by Hezbollah and Amal, security sources confirmed to 961 News.

One civilian woman was killed by a stray bullet. and reports just came in of 2 deaths at a cafe in the area.

The situation continues to escalate despite the statements issued by Hezbollah and Amal calling their partisans to calm.

A sniper was reportedly just arrested in Ain El Remmaneh.

Warning: Graphic content. Video shows an Amal militiaman getting shot as he was about to fire an RPG towards Ain el Remanneh:

The clashes ensued during a protest by Amal and Hezbollah demanding the removal of Beirut Blast Investigative Judge Tarek Bitar, claiming that the investigation is being politicized.

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Mikati, Hezbollah, & Amal Issue Statements Calling For Calm

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