Someone Just Voted For Nabih Berri In The US Election


The U.S. elections have the entire world glued to their screens in anticipation of the results. The elections will affect markets around the world, and foreign policy directly impacts Lebanon’s future.

While Americans are rushing to the polls, collecting their “I Voted” stickers, and trying to make a difference, someone in Fresno, California, voted for Nabih Berri in the U.S. Election…

It just goes to show how obsessed Lebanese political partisans can be with their leaders, even to go vote for them… there where they have no place and no seat.

Perhaps the Parliament Speaker’s partisans are considering campaigning for him for the United States’ presidency, even if a little too late for this term.

Farfetched? Maybe. Berri “retains a green card entitling him to work in the United States and whose first wife and six children live in Dearborn, Michigan,” according to the New York Times.

But, the passionate Lebanese who just voted for him in the US probably didn’t know that his beloved leader would still need to secure citizenship to be entitled to run for the superpower’s presidency.

Or perhaps this is just a typical Lebanese prank…

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