Nasrallah Claims Ammonium Nitrate Was Stored In Beirut’s Port To Be Smuggled To Rebel Forces In Syria

Nasrallah Says Ammonium Nitrate Was Stored In Beirut's Port To Be Smuggled To Rebel Forces In Syria

In his speech commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 2006 Lebanese Israeli July War, Hassan Nasrallah claimed that the Ammonium Nitrate that was stored in Beirut’s port prior to its explosion was there to be smuggled to armed rebel forces in Arsal and Qalamoun in Syria.

He added that the people who had brought the Ammonium Nitrate to Lebanon were those who support the armed Syrian rebel forces, hinting at Saad Hariri’s Future Movement that openly opposes Al-Assad’s regime.

At a later point in his speech, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah charged at Judge Tarek Bitar, the Beirut Explosion’s investigator.

Claiming that the whole investigation is politicized, he accused Judge Bitar of being biased and demanded that he releases the results of the technical investigation “quickly.”

Nasrallah also criticized Jude Bitar for allegedly calling on certain people to be investigated while ignoring many others.

He added that he is not afraid of the investigation as he is “not accused by the judicial personnel with the Beirut Port Explosion.”

He then jokingly emphasized that neither Hezbollah nor the Syrian Army needs Ammonium Nitrate to make explosives.

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