Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the North II (Tripoli-Minnieh-Dennieh) District In Lebanon’s Elections


Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies.

In this election, the competition is materializing a tough challenge to the long-existing parties in the parliament with the rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena.

Many of the traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills to hang on to their ruling positions in the parliament in one more fateful attempt against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation.

Here’s the list of all candidates in the North II district (Tripoli-Minnieh-Dennieh) for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Notes: In the list below, LF stands for the Lebanese Forces Party and PSP for the Progressive Socialist Party.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Raed Ali TabbaaSunni Ambition of the Youth
Omar Raafat MasriSunni Ambition of the Youth
Adan Ahmed BakourSunni Ambition of the Youth
Mahmoud Khedr el-MirSunni Ambition of the Youth
Mustafa Muhammad Kano HussainSunni Ambition of the Youth
Shafiq Muhammed HassounSunni Capable
Muhammad Mustafa ZreikaSunni Capable
Nidal AbderrahmanAlawite Capable
Mounir Maurice Constantine DoumaniGreek Orthodox Capable
Misbah Azami RajabSunni Capable
Obeida Naser TakritiSunni Capable
Muhammad Taha GebaraSunni Dawn of Change
Mohamad Ahmad AlameddineSunni Dawn of Change
Hisham Riad IbrahimAlawite Dawn of Change
Anthony Joseph EidMaronite Dawn of Change
Abdul Aziz Mahmoud Ghazi TartousiSunni Dawn of Change
Bilal Mohamad ShaabanSunni Dawn of Change
Rabieh Mohammed Saeed SibaiSunni Dawn of Change
Ali Ahmed Abdel AzizSunni For the People (PSP)
Baraa Assad HarmoushSunni For the People (PSP)
Kazem Saleh KhairSunni For the People (PSP)
Ali DarwishAlawite For the People (PSP)
Caesar Victor KhalatGreek Orthodox For the People (PSP)
Suleiman Jan ObeidMaronite For the People (PSP)
Abdelkarim Mohammed KabbaraSunni For the People (PSP)
Afra Muhammad EidSunni For the People (PSP)
Elissa Khalid YassenSunni For the People (PSP)
Jalal el-BakkarSunni For the People (PSP)
Wahib Ahmed TatarSunni For the People (PSP)
Abdul Aziz Ibrahim el-SamadSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Sami FatfatSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Ahmed Mahmoud Al-KhairSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Badr Hussein EidAlawite Lebanon Is Ours
Shaiban Fawad HeykalGreek Orthodox Lebanon Is Ours
Tony Ibrahim ShaheenMaronite Lebanon Is Ours
Ali AyoubiSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Fahad Hossam MogaddamSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Khaled Hmad MerhiSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Mustafa Muhammad Ismail AlloushSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Ruby Abdelrahman DalatiSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Ahmad Awad Awad KaramiSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Bilal Hussein HarmoushSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Othman AlameddineSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Muhammad Abdul Hamid ChamsineAlawite Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Jamil Abboud AbboudGreek Orthodox Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Elias Fouad KhouryMaronite Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Amin Mohammed BashirSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Ashraf Ahmed RifiSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Fawzi Mohammed Ezzat el-FerriSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Iman Essam DernaikaSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Salah Ghassan MoqaddamSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Ghaleb Khader OsmanSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Mohamed Noureddin Ahmed Ali KhalilSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Haider Asif NasserAlawite Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Camille Samir MouraniMaronite Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Hind Mohammed SoufiSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Malek Faisal MawlawiSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Mustafa Mohammed Al-AwakSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Ramy Saadallah FanjSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Zakaria Ibrahim MesseikehSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Abdel Kader ChamiSunni Stability and Development
Kamel Ali BakourSunni Stability and Development
Fadi Malik KhairSunni Stability and Development
Saleh Wahib Al-DeebAlawite Stability and Development
Michel Majid KhouryMaronite Stability and Development
Basil Haitham OstaSunniStability and Development
Dima Maan DennaouiSunniStability and Development
Mayez Assad al-JundiSunniStability and Development
Susan Muhamad Rashid KsahaSunniStability and Development
Yunis Mohammed HassanSunniStability and Development
Jihad Murshid Al-SamadSunni The People’s Will
Nibras Bashir AlameddineSunni The People’s Will
Muhammad Ahmad TraboulsiAlawite The People’s Will
Rafli Antoine DiabGreek Orthodox The People’s Will
George Edmond ShabtiniMaronite The People’s Will
Ahmad Abdelqader AminSunni The People’s Will
Ali Hassan NoorSunni The People’s Will
Faisal Omar KaramiSunni The People’s Will
Rami Mohamad AssoumSunni The People’s Will
Taha Ateft NajiSunni The People’s Will
Mahmoud Ahmed el-SayedSunni The Real Change
Samir Ahmed TalebSunni The Real Change
Mohamed Seif El-Din DahabiSunni The Real Change
Firas Ahmad SalloumAlawite The Real Change
Mtanios Issa Nicolas MahfouzGreek Orthodox The Real Change
Paul Hanna HamodMaronite The Real Change
Ahmed Abdel Wahab Al MarjSunni The Real Change
Azzam Asaad AyoubiSunni The Real Change
Farah Ali Al-HaddadSunni The Real Change
lhab MatarSunni The Real Change
Zein Khaled MustafaSunni The Real Change
Nazih Nafdh ZawadSunni The Third Republic
Muhammad Omar ZureikaSunni The Third Republic
Ahmed Ali AliAlawite The Third Republic
Farid Antoine DawraGreek Orthodox The Third Republic
Janet Youssef FrangiehMaronite The Third Republic
Abdel Rahim Salem DerghamSunni The Third Republic
Diala Khader OstaSunni The Third Republic
Doha Mohamed AhmadSunni The Third Republic
Omar HarfoucheSunni The Third Republic