Patriarch Beshara Rai Just Called On Politicians Not to Ruin the Revolution

The Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai delivered his Christmas message this year discussing the current situation in Lebanon and pushing for responsible cooperation amongst all sides to confront the deteriorating situation in the country.


In his words, “The people of Lebanon are waiting from political officials, as a gift of birth, a new government of specialists and competencies that put the country on the path of economic salvation.”

“The people expressed their suffering and pain and the required reforms in a positive revolution that has not subsided for 70 days, and we hope that it will remain so and not become a destructive negative revolution,” he said. “The positive revolution cooperates with and respects the army and the security forces, and reduces the burden on the citizens to move and to work.”



During his Christmas message as well, Patriarch Rai also addressed the country’s politicians to not ruin the revolution as it only seeks to achieve public interest, stating that it has been blessed by everyone.

“Our people will not be satisfied with the acceptance of the bad governance that prevailed since the nineties with the spread of corruption, the aggravation of deficits, the rise in public debt, the increase in poverty, and the expansion of unemployment,” he stated.

He added that “our hardships are a result of the refusal of our rulers to hand over power and have indebted the country and plunged it into a crisis, where more than a quarter of the population is in poverty.”


Last Friday, President Michel Aoun tasked PM-assigned Hassan Diab with forming the country’s next government. While the people rejected the new nomination, Hassan Diab told the public to give him a chance, promising to form a new government very soon.

Via Aljazeera

Diab started the unbinding parliamentary consultations on Saturday to create the new government. He met and received many related figures to discuss the formation of the new government.


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