There’s A Petition Demanding The Lebanese Baccalaureate Be Canceled

There’s A Petition Demanding The Lebanese Baccalaureate Be Cancelled

An online petition has been created to have the Lebanese state-run Baccalaureate exams canceled this year.

The petition addresses caretaker Education Minister Tarek Al-Majzoub and cites multiple reasons for this demand, the first of which is that students all over Lebanon “are demotivated and are not able to study properly.”

It also argues that online learning in Lebanon has not been very efficient due to internet and electricity problems.

The petition explains that students’ mental health has been affected by the events that have happened in the country since 2019, namely the October 17 Uprising, the pandemic, the August 4th explosion, and the prevailing crises.

“Those who are willing to travel and study abroad can do the official exams, while those who are applying for universities in Lebanon only, do not have to do the exams,” the anonymous creator of the petition writes in its details, describing this year as “a special year,” adding that the universities of the country are aware of the situation.

The petition finally notes that coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are not suitable for teenagers who are less than 18 years old and that, “chances are,” the official exam sites “will not be prepared enough to prevent any virus transmission between students.”

“It is very stupid that we will have to do the official exams. Enough is said.”

The petition, which has been signed so far by 776 people. as of the time of writing, was created after caretaker Education Minister Tarek Al-Majzoub announced the dates on which official exams will be held this year.

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