New Photo Of Fairouz Takes Lebanon By Storm

New Photo Of Fairouz Takes Lebanon By Storm

Out of the grim Twitter trends that have become commonplace in Lebanon, one particular hashtag stands out on Friday morning after climbing the list overnight: Fairouz.

Fairouz, the iconic Lebanese singer who needs no introduction, had Lebanese social media users buzzing when her name became the 5th top-trending hashtag on Twitter.

One click on the hashtag, and you’re taken to an endless stream of a single picture of the singer, posing with her daughter, artist Reema Rahbani.

In the selfie, the duo is seen smiling in front of a table decorated with candles, flowers, and old pictures.

“Selfie with the past before me,” Reema Rahbani captioned the photo, adding the “smiling face with hearts” emoji.

In the comments section of the original post, as well as in the new tweets under #Fairouz, numerous Lebanese and Arab people have reacted to the photo with various phrases of adorement, lines of poetry dedicated to Fairouz, not to mention wishes for a new Fairouz live performance.

The new selfie has not only taken Lebanon by storm because of Fairouz‘s legendary status among her fans in Lebanon and abroad but also because she is known to lead a private life with very few such appearances.

Dubbed “The Soul of Lebanon,” among many other nicknames, the 85-year-old star continues to decorate the lives of thousands of people with her unmatched vocals and eternal melodies, despite her seclusion.

Her voice accompanying a cup of coffee or tea in the morning remains an almost-sacred tradition for many Lebanese today, one that gives the welcome momentary illusion that everything, despite everything, is okay.

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