Residents Of Northern Lebanon Call For Ogero To Refuel Telecom Stations Amid Strike


Batroun residents called for Ogero to secure fuel for their telecom stations.

The residents released a statement in which they express their support for the Ogero workers’ demands for higher salaries and their right to strike, but that “isolating” parts of Batroun “worsens our struggle amid the already difficult living conditions we face.”

Telephone and internet outages have been reported in all of Lebanon since the Ogero open strike started last Tuesday, August 30th. The Ogero workers strike to demand better working conditions and higher salaries during the Lebanese economic crisis. 

Lebanon’s Caretaker Telecommunications Minister Johnny Corm signed four decrees on Monday, September 5th, aiming to improve the working conditions for the employees of Ogero.

The workers announced that they will not end their strike before Thursday as they are standing firm on demanding an increase in their salaries. 

Imad Kreidieh, head of Ogero, confirmed to the workers’ syndicate that Corm had signed three decrees, the first granting a monthly sum for “social assistance,” the second granting a raise in employees’ transportation allowance, and the third granting “attendance” payments for the next two months.

The fourth decree signed by Corm requests a treasury advance from the Ministry of Finance of around 200 billion LBP from the 2022 budget reserves. For this decree to come true, it requires signatures from both the caretaker Minister of Finance Youssef Khalil and Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

Ogero employees have announced that they will, despite the strike, provide 21 main telecommunications centers with fuel, to avoid a total outage. 

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