People In Lebanon Are Still Enjoying Snow Skiing In June (Video)

Alfred Ina

We have many wonders in Lebanon, little things that we don’t find anywhere else and things that we can’t do anywhere but right here, in our beloved country.

These little things are part of the reasons why we love Lebanon. And when people ask us what’s so special about our homeland, we tell them: “You can go swimming then snow skiing the same day.”

It isn’t that one can’t snow skiing or snowboarding in other countries during the spring. It’s that it barely takes you 20 minutes in Lebanon from the beach to do so. And when it’s already summer and we are still going snow skiing, now that’s rarely seen elsewhere.

And when people don’t believe it, you can show them these pics and the video below. “Off-season snowboarding at its best” is captioned in this IG post early June, and off-season it was indeed.

If that was early June, you get to see the most recent ones. A group of Lebanese, including Joe Kareh, the weather forecaster at LBCI, just went skiing in the middle of June.

The video was shot using a drone at Mzaar Kfardebian, one of the most popular ski areas in Lebanon.

Kareh presented the video, saying that the guys wanted to go skiing and found the perfect spot to do that so close into summer. At the height of 2,450 m, there was “plenty of snow” for them to practice their favorite winter activity.

He shared that last year they went skiing for the last time on the 4th of June, but they wanted to stretch it a little more this year to see how long the snow will last.

Watch the video down below:

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